GP RESCUE is committed to finding the world’s best rescue brands and getting them into the hands of America’s first responders. Specializing in equipment for water rescue and flood evacuation, we provide head-to-toe options for firefighters, emergency management officials, and other first responders. GP RESCUE represents international manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality rescue equipment. Our products include drysuits, thermal layers, throw bags, boots, inflatable boats, and aluminum boats. We can provide or source any product your team needs.

GP Rescue’s products are primarily made to order. In the future we will have online shopping available. Let us know any questions you have or any price inquiries you have. We would love to get you more information and quotes about any of our products. Contact us at or call us at (205) 705-3226.


A few of our most popular products
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Ionic Flood Suit Kit – Suit, Boots, Gloves, and Bag

The total package for first responders dealing with flood situations. The Flood Suit, Rocka boots, Ionic Pro X2 Neo 2mm Karbonflex gloves, and a kit bag to transport and store it all.



Cyclone Pro R3 Drysuit

A quality hybrid drysuit made for surface rescues and operations. The top half is made from a breathable fabric while the trousers are constructed of heavy-duty fabric to stand up to the elements.

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ResQSled Endurance

The ResQsled Endurance is fitted with extended tubes which provides its unique design. Based on the design of a basic sled/platform, it provides options for rescuing casualties from difficult situations such as low-head dams and ice rescues.


Cyclone Pro R1 Drysuit

Premium drysuit with heavy duty top and bottom made from Condura fabric.


Cyclone Flood Suit

An affordable way of protecting first responders in low-level flooding activities.


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ResQpath (2 meter)

The ResQpath quickly deploys to create a stable working platform on any surface, from water, to rocks, to mud. Paths can be connected together to form bridges or to reach distant victims.


ResQSled Extreme

The Resqsled Extreme has become one of the most widely used designs of sleds on the rescue market. The wrap round tube design provides plenty of buoyancy and stabilization but yet remaining compact in size.

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The latest news on our products

The IONIC Thermacore Dual™

First responders face new dangers when working in winter weather, especially when water is involved. Your body temperature drops 25% faster in water, making hypothermia an immediate threat during water rescues. This is why first Read more…


IONIC Nitro XT Helmet

    It doesn’t take much to damage a human brain. Brain injuries can occur even if you don’t lose consciousness; just one blow to the head can cause damage throughout. Even a series of Read more…

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